President of the Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina dr. Suad Arnautović participated in the 19th International Electoral Symposium

Lisabon, 15.11.2023 - Dr. Suad Arnautović attended the 19th International Electoral Symposium that was held in Lisbon on 14 and 15 November 2023 in organization of by the International Center for Parliamentary Studies from London and the National Electoral Commission of the Republic of Portugal. The symposium brought together members of state election commissions and election experts from around the world.

Three round tables were held with interesting and current topics were held during the symposium:

  1.  Navigating Elections in a Pandemic: Lessons Learned from COVID-19;
  2.  The Future of Voting: Voter Identification, Biometrics, and Electronic Voting;
  3.  Combating Disinformation: Strategies for Protecting Electoral Integrity.

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unique challenges for electoral management bodies (EMBs) around the globe. As countries grappled with the public health crisis, maintaining the integrity and accessibility of elections became a critical concern. This panel discussion will explore the various strategies and measures implemented by EMBs to ensure safe, inclusive, and transparent elections during the pandemic. Panelists shared their experiences, the challenges faced, and the lessons learned from navigating elections in these unprecedented times.

Second roundtable addressed technological advancements offer new possibilities for improving electoral management processes, including voter identification, biometrics, and electronic voting. This panel discussion will delve into the potential benefits, challenges, and implications of these emerging technologies for EMBs. Panelists examined case studies, shared their experiences, and discussed best practices for successfully integrating technology into the electoral process.

The spread of disinformation poses a significant threat to the integrity of elections and democratic processes. In the age of social media and digital communication, the rapid dissemination of false information can have far-reaching consequences. This panel discussion will focus on strategies and best practices for EMBs to identify, address, and counter disinformation during electoral campaigns. Panelists shared their experiences, discussed the role of various stakeholders, and explored potential solutions for safeguarding the democratic process.

A special segment of this worldwide gathering of election professionals will be tonight’s final ceremony of awarding prestigious awards to the most deserving election commissions and individuals.