Ambassador Johann Sattler visits the BiH CEC

Sarajevo, 04.11.2022 - Head of the Delegation of the European Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Special Representative of the European Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina H.E. Ambassador Johann Sattler and his associates met today with the president and members of the Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The main topic of the meeting was the implementation of the General Elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina held on October 2, 2022.

President of the BiH Central Election Commission, Dr. Suad Arnautović, pointed out that the BiH Central Election Commission will analyze all cases of irregularities in detail. Misdemeanor proceedings will be initiated and fines imposed for polling station committees and municipal/city election commissions for which personal responsibility is established, and those persons will be found illegible to work in election administration for 4 years, and a report will be submitted to the BiH Prosecutor's Office for those cases for which there is suspicion that a crime was committed related to the electoral process.

The interlocutors also discussed the upcoming activities of the Central Election Commission of BiH and the implementation of indirect elections for the House of Peoples of the Parliament of the Federation of BiH, the Council of Peoples of the Republika Srpska, the House of Peoples of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH and the president and vice-presidents of the Federation of BiH.

The commitment to the implementation of a joint project financed by the European Union was expressed at the meeting. It is a pilot project that will be implemented in the first half of 2023 at 165 polling stations in 10 municipalities/cities, when the electronic voter identification system (EVIS) and the system for faster transmission of results from the polling station to the municipal/city election commissions and the Central Election Commission will be tested.