OCV registration and rectification of shortcomings in the application

Sarajevo, July 20, 2022 – In line with the Instruction on deadlines and sequence of electoral activities for the 2022 General Election, which will be held on Sunday, October 2, 2022, the deadline for submitting applications for voting outside BiH expired on July 19, 2022 at midnight.

About 88,000 people opened an account through the e-Izbori portal, whereof about 10,000 people did not complete the application process, although they were notified twice by email to complete the application process, and such applications will not be considered.

Since that, in addition to electronic applications, applications could also be submitted by fax, approximately 1,400 applications  were received in that way and are being processed (there is a possibility of duplicate applications, for several people in one transmission, etc.).

About 20,000 voter applications for voting outside Bosnia and Herzegovina are currently being processed.

Voters whose application is processed after July 19 and whose application contains deficiencies will be notified by e-mail to rectify the deficiencies in the application within two days of receiving the notification, with a note that they will have this opportunity only once within those two days and that they have to check if all deficiencies have been rectified before ticking the "send request". Their account will be "locked" after the one given opportunity to rectify the deficiencies.

At the moment, while the processing of applications for voting outside BiH is still ongoing, the Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina cannot publish precise data on the number of applications that meet or do not meet the conditions, as well as statistics by country and other statistics.