2 . Session of the Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina

18. 1. 2024 10 : 0

  1. Resignations, termination of mandate and awarding substitute mandates:
      1) Municipal Council of Posušje
      2) Assembly of the City of Bijeljina
      3) Municipal Assembly of Teslić
  2. Proposal of the decision on determining excerpt from the CVR for the elections of bodies of local self-government unit- council of local communities on the territory of the City of Gradačac
  3. Proposals of Decisions on implementation of Article 1.7 of the BiH Election Law – acquiring the right to be registered in the CVR
  4. Proposal of Decisions on the request to access information:
      1) Emir Hadžimešić, president of the Supervisory board on behalf of the Salt mine „Tuzla“ d. d. Tuzla
      2) Maja Erak from Vitez
  5. A.O.B.

dr. Irena Hadžiabdić