33 . Session of the Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina

19. 4. 2023 13 : 0

  1. Report on verification of candidates proposed to participate in the early elections of the mayor of the city of Živinice, scheduled for May 28, 2023
  2. Proposal of Decision on determining order of political subjects on the ballot for the early elections of the city mayor of Živinice
  3. Resignations, termination of mandates and awarding substitute mandates:
      1) Municipal Council Centar Sarajevo
      2) Municipal Assembly Modriča
  4. Proposal of decision in case of MEC Šamac
  5. Proposal of Decision at the request for access to information:
      1) Correctional facility of semi-open type Tuzla
      2) Institute for Youth Development KULT
      3) Adna Zilić on behalf of the Center for Investigative Journalism (CIN)
  6. Proposal of Decision on selecting most favorable bidder for services of delivery of voting material (registered mail) to the voters abroad to vote by-mail at the early elections for the city mayor of Živinice
  7. Proposal of request for budget funds under Budget users instruction no.1 Framework budget document for the period 2024-2026
  8. Information on planned and paid funds to political subjects in 2022 from budgets of all levels of authority in BiH with proposal of a Conclusion
  9. A.O.B.