Statement of the president of the Central Election Commission on the occasion of the official start of the election campaign for the General Elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina, scheduled for October 2, 2022

Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina!

The official start of the election campaign for the 2022 General Elections, to be geld on October 2, 2022 is tomorrow, September 2. The campaign will last until October 1st at 07 a.m. when the election silence begins.

An election campaign is a period in which political entities introduce their programs and candidates to voters and the public in a manner established by law.

I call on all certified political entities to comply with the BiH Election Law - to present their programs, to run a fair campaign, not to use hate speech or language that could incite violence, to avoid discrimination, especially stereotypes about people of the opposite sex.

I invite the voters to give their contribution so that the campaign and the entire electoral process take place in a democratic environment, especially the youth, because it is important for the future of our state of Bosnia and Herzegovina to involve the youth in political processes.

I invite the media to represent political entities equally and fairly and to inform the public about all issues related to the election campaign and the electoral process, as prescribed by the Election Law of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

I remind the local authorities that they are obliged to ensure equal treatment of political entities certified to participate in the elections in their requests to use public places and public facilities for the purpose of the election campaigning.


I use the opportunity to remind political entities, candidates and their supporters, as well as employees and those working in the election administration, that it is not allowed:

  • -  False impersonation on behalf of any political entity;
  • -remove, cover up, damage or alter printed notices, placards, posters or other materials which are used for the purpose of the election campaign;
  • - carry and display weapons at political gatherings, polling stations and their surroundings;
  • - exert any pressure on journalists that would make it difficult for them to perform their work in accordance with the rules of the profession and election rules.

I draw particular attention to the prohibition of using hate speech in the campaign, as well as any form of public expression or speech that provokes or encourages hatred, discrimination or violence against any person or group of persons, based on race, skin color, nationality, sex or religion, ethnic origin or any other personal characteristic or orientation that incites to discrimination, hostility and violence.

This includes the publication and use of pictures/images, symbols, audio and video recordings, SMS messages, Internet communications, social networks and mobile applications or any other materials that can have such effect.

At the same time, I also remind that executive office holders and incumbents are prohibited from abusing public resources.

The Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina will have zero tolerance to unacceptable and legally prohibited behavior in the election campaign.

Let's be responsible for our actions and the words spoken.