Order of around 6.000 environment-friendly safety stamps to be imprinted on ballots at the elections in BiH contracted

Sarajevo, July 26, 2022 – Pursuant to the Decision on the method of production, form and content, safekeeping, use and destruction of stamps used to stamp ballots at the General Elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina scheduled for October 2, 2022, the production of around 6,000 security ecological stamps for every polling station in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been contracted today with the company "Mojić" d.o.o. from Bijeljina, which is the general representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina of the company Trodat from Austria. This activity is carried out thanks to the financial support of the Government of the United Kingdom and will be implemented by the Association of Election Officials in BiH.

On the occasion of the procurement of environment-friendly safety stamps Dr. Suad Arnautović, president of the Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina, visited the "Mojić" company in Bijeljina today.

It is about the procurement of environment-friendly safety stamps that will be used for the certification of ballots, which aims to prevent electoral manipulation and fraud. The environment-friendly safety stamp determines the authenticity and safety integrity of the ballot used at the polling station during the elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The environment-friendly safety stamps will be imprinted on the front of the ballot, in the lower left corner, below the voting instructions. Member of the polling station committee in charge of issuing the ballots will put his/her signature to the right of environment-friendly safety stamp.

The Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina has introduced this novelty of using environment-friendly safety stamp at the polling station with the aim of improving the existing level of public trust in the integrity and fairness of the electoral process.