Ambassador Kavalec and Ambassador Murphy visit the BiH Central Election Commission

Sarajevo, May 23, 2022 – The Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina held a meeting today with H.E. Kathleen Kavalec, Head of the OSCE Mission to BiH and H.E. Michael J. Murphy, US Ambassador on the occasion of the launch “e-Izbori” portal and the application for electronic registration of overseas voters.
The “e-Izbori” portal was presented at the meeting, showing off results of the current use of application for electronic registration of overseas voters, as well as applications to be used in the electoral process, but are currently being tested (e-registration of political entities, e-registration of observers, e-submission asset declaration forms).
The new e-Izbori platform enables online use of the services of the Central Election Commission of BiH and was developed, among other things, with the aim of improving communication with voters and preventing abuses of the electoral process.
The electronic method of registering overseas has been in use since the day  the General Elections in 2022 were called, namely since May 4, 2022.
The application proved to be very functional and the reactions of those who use it are positive. The BiH Central Election Commission has been continuously receiving e-applications for registration of overseas voters, and so far 7.070 persons have opened an account, of which 2.705 persons have completed data entry and the applications are being processed.
The OSCE Mission to BiH continuously provides support to the BiH Central Election Commission through the implementation of various joint activities and projects, which was also recognized by the United States. One of those joint activities is the launch of the e-Izbori portal, and the BiH CEC expresses it deepest gratitude for the assistance provided.