dr. Suad Arnautović - president

Suad Arnautović, PhD in Political Science was born on November 17, 1958 in Sarajevo. He worked as a civil servant with the Republic’s Secretariat for National Defense of the Socialistic Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the field of civic education. He was also employed with the BiH Federation Ministry of Interior as the Chief of the Public Relations Department, Chief of Cabinet, Chief of Department and the Editor for the “Securitas” scientific journal.
In the period between 1995 and 2000 he was guest lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine and the High School of Health Care in Sarajevo.
During 1994 and 1995 he was Editor-in-Chief (freelance) of the independent political journal for promotion of civic society and democratic culture “STYLE”. In 1996 he launched and edited the special “Elections” service of the independent news agency “ONASA” in Sarajevo.
Dr. Arnautović published the following books: „Political system of Bosnia and Herzegovina“ (co-author), Sarajevo, 2010., “Political representation and election system in Bosnia and Herzegovina in XX century, Sarajevo, 2009., “Analyses of politics- Chrestomathy“, Sarajevo, 2008.; „Ten Years of Democratic Chaos – Electoral Processes in Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1996 to 2006., Essays, Analyses and Comments”“, Sarajevo, 2007; “Municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Demographic, social, economic and political facts (co-author), Sarajevo, 2006.; “ Local Elections 2004- Lessons Learned”, (co-author), Sarajevo, 2005.; “ Propedeutics of Political Marketing, Understanding and Organizing Successful Election Campaigns”, Sarajevo, 2001.; “ Local Elections Campaign”, Sarajevo, 2000.; “ How Bosnia was Defended”, Sarajevo, 1997.; “Elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina ‘90 – Analyses of electoral process”, Sarajevo, 1996.

He has also published the following papers: authored lecture: “1996 Elections and Reintegration of Bosnia and Herzegovina “(VKBI) Sarajevo, 1996, publication: “All Politics is Local” (VKBI) Sarajevo 1997, publication “Apories of Electoral Legislation in BiH” (VKBI) Sarajevo 1999 and publication “General Elections 2000. Yes or No?” (VKBI) Sarajevo 2000. He has co-authored the following publications: “Guide for Journalists in Bosnia and Herzegovina Election ’97” Sarajevo, 1997 (Media Plan) and “Guide for Journalists in Bosnia and Herzegovina General Election ‘98” Sarajevo, 1998 (Media Plan). He has also co-authored the school reference book “Fundamentals of Civic Defense” for elementary school students, published by the BiH Federation Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport in Sarajevo in 1995.
He published more than 20 scientific and expert papers in various scientific and professional magazines in BiH and abroad, as well as several author articles, reviews, comments in dailies and weekly printed media.

Dr. Arnautović participated in numerous international scientific and professional symposia and seminars on elections and electoral processes, as well as in a professional development program on electoral systems and electoral campaign management in the US, and in election observation missions held in Croatia (2004 and 2009), Albania (2004), Azerbaijan (2006), Kirgizstan (2009), Mexico (2009) and Macedonia (2010). He also participated at international scientific and expert conferences dedicated to political party financing, political integrity and election process in Egypt, Serbia, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, France and the United Kingdom. He is member of the Association of Election Officials in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Political Science Association of BiH and IPSA (International Association for political sciences). Dr. Arnautović also completed training for short-term observers held on 1-3. November, 2007 organized by OSCE/ODIHR held at OSCE Academy in Bishkek.
He completed a course at the College for international and security studies of the George C. Marshall European Center for security studies (Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany) in September 2000.
He completed course “Synthetic environments for the national security estimates (SENSE)” of the George C. Marshall European Center for security studies in Sarajevo, January 2000.

He also completed one-month English language course for effective communication in July 2006 at the International institute for foreign languages teachers’ training (IPBA), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
He completed the course for electoral experts “External voting and increasing participation” within Bridge project (Building resources in democracy, governance and elections) in Vienna, May 2012.
He participated in the work of the conference: What future of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Europe and Euro-Atlantic Community, Wilton Park, London, November 2011.
Upon invitation of the Commission for democracy through law (Venice Commission) he presented a paper at the 75th plenary session of the Venice Commission- Venice, June 13, 2008. He also participated at the conferences on the role of election management bodies, organized by the Venice Commission in Belgrade (2005) and London (2010).

In June 2004 the House of Representatives of BiH Parliamentary Assembly appoints Dr. Arnautović as member of the BiH Central Election Commission. After expiry of the seven years’ mandate, he was re-appointed as the member of the BiH CEC on September 22, 2011. In the period January 2008- May 2009 Dr. Arnautović was President of the BIH Central Election Commission.

Prof. dr. Arnautovic also works as Faculty Associate at Faculty of political sciences of the Sarajevo University within first cycle of studies on subjects “Political system of BiH” and “Analyses of politics”,  with second cycle of the study on “Political pluralism in BiH” and “Election Systems”, as well as at the postgraduate study on “Political representation”. As a coordinator for the Sarajevo University he is leader of the three-year international scientific TEMPUS project “Development of policy-oriented programs of training in the context of the European integration (DEPOCEI)“ 2012.-2015.)  

He received the Memorial Plaquette of Sarajevo city for his contribution to the development of the Sarajevo city 06.04.1985. He also received municipal plaquette with the golden shield of Old Town Sarajevo municipality, 02.05. 2004. Also, he received the Plaguette with coat of arms of Center Municipality for the extraordinary contribution to development of Center municipality, Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2011.
Dr. Arnautović is very engaged at the BiH music scene as founder of the rock band “Zov” Sarajevo (1978-1982), children’s choir “Vrapčić” Sarajevo and women youth choir “Aprilke” from Sarajevo. He is author of several music pieces, and the most famous being the songs “Golubica” and first song in the besieged Sarajevo “Procvjetali zlatni ljiljani”. He participated at several international choir festivals with choir Aprilke and took prestigious places at the choirs’ festival in Maribor (Slovenia) and Cantonigros (Barcelona, Spain). At the 7th Festival of the children’s song “Dino Fest” in Sarajevo 2009 he won the first prize of the experts’ panel with the composition “Children know it all” (Djeca sve znaju).
He has been included in the publication “Who is Who among Bosniacs”.