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Continuous dissemination of unconfirmed, inaccurate and contradictory information

Sarajevo, 17.10.2018– Unprecedented propaganda has been present in the public for months now, but has culminated over the past few days with the aim of dissemination of misinformation, intimidation of institutions that are implementing the law, deterioration of reputation of domestic institution and international organizations and even endangering physical safety of the BiH CEC members. The propaganda is led by certain media, some political subjects and some members of the academia by presenting general and irresponsible assessments that are not in line with any standards and codes of conduct.


The BiH Central Election Commission passes the decisions only based on the facts and evidence, and not based on populistic statements of incompetent individuals. We urge all election stakeholders to submit facts and evidence of possible violation of the law to the competent institutions. 

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