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Destruction of the old and production of new dandy roll (tool) for production of watermark

Sarajevo, 02.07.2018 – Dr. Irena Hadžiabdić, president of the BiH CEC is to visit Slovenia today where she will be present tomorrow for destruction of the dandy roll in the premises of the company “Radeče papir nova” d.d. Radeče. The dandy roll was used for the ballot paper for the 2016 Local Elections. The destruction will be done with an open flame. Entire process will be documented on photographs that will be annexed to the minutes on destruction of the dandy roll.

               Following destruction of the old dandy roll, a contract on production and safekeeping of the new dandy roll /tool/ for production of watermark for the paper to be used for printing of the ballots for the 2018 General Elections will be signed with the same company. The BiH CEC is the owner of the dandy roll, which will be regulated by the signed contract, including all other matters concerning protection, used and safekeeping of the dandy roll /tool/ for production of watermark.

                During her stay in Slovenia, dr. Hadžiabdić will define all the details and arrange for additional mechanisms of protection for the entire process, primarily the paper production control, and all the other activities, ending with the transport of the paper to BiH in line with the timeline of the activities that was determined earlier.

              The BiH CEC will publish the photographs from the dandy roll destruction on its web site tomorrow and these photos will accompany a press release.


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